Enterprise Blockchain Analytics

Nodalytics — a multichain product. unlock your blockchain data. for smart contract analytics. scan and search transactions. monitor your network. and more...

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Thought Network Loyakk Hyperledger Quorum Oracle
Scan blockchain network for transactions from a browser with an intuitive UI.
Network Monitoring
Analyze your network and monitor health and node activity.
Business Analytics
Analyze your business data in real-time, Search transactions with Block explorer, Create, Modify and Move data with Model explorer and EDW integration services.
Smart Contracts
Employ smart contract and chaincode analytics: deanonymize smart contracts, dynamically generate chaincode, and more.
Data Services Layer
Search and retrieve a data services catalog for application or data integration using REST API’s, JSON’s etc.
Anomaly Detection
Monitor suspicious activity with best of the breed tools.

The Dashboard

Featuring an intuitive dashboard to visualize what is happening on your network in real time. View transactions, blocks, block intervals, network growth and various other metrics.

Charts, Diagrams & more

Your business data comes alive with our user-friendly charts for daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.


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